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Subscription Ice 

It is offered to our members who wish to have extra time to practice in a smaller setting.  

Skaters must be in Freestyle 1/Preliminary or higher to enter on their own. 

Club Time Details

total sessions for the year: 56

each session: 1 hour 30 minutes

Monday  5:15-6:45 pm

Friday    5:45-7:15 pm


Skaters per session 

25 skaters allowed on the ice

Priority is given to Full and Associate members

Beginner Level Access 

Alpha-Delta and Snowplow-Pre-Prelim

Coach MUST be present

Monday session ONLY

First 30 minutes of session

Walk on fee $10 

Payment Due Dates

1st payment: September 15

2nd payment: January 15

Makeups & Refunds

Makeups will be given to any skater who:

  • went to competition on a Sub Ice day

  • is injured or sick with a doctor's note 

25% refund will be given if serious injury occurs which prevents a skater from continuing



1 Day Subscription

Full member    $784

Associate Member    $840

Non-Member    $896


This subscription allows you access to either Monday or Friday sessions.  

You MUST choose which day you want to attend. Walk on fee will apply to the second club time attended within the same week. 

2 Day Subscription 

Full Member   $1,468

Associate Member    $1,580

Non-Member    $1,692

This subscription allows you access to both Monday and Friday sessions.


Full Member    $35

Associate Members $40

Non-Member $45

Walk on fee applies to any skater who does not have subscription ice or a skater who has a 1 Day Subscription and would like to attend a day other than their assigned day. 

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