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Skating Classes allow a skater to learn more about the art of skating and strengthen areas they feel they need in order to be a stronger skater. The classes are taught by our experienced coaches who are well versed in the areas they teach.  Descriptions of each class and who teaches them are listed on each individual tab. 

Each class is subject to individual pricing. 

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Dance Clinic


This class is for skaters who are interested in the art of ice dancing. Skaters are grouped by level for instruction.  This class develops and improves a skaters skills in edging, speed, posture, control and musicality. It prepares them for Dance Test Sessions held by YFSC.    

This clinic is for any skater of any level who has not yet passed an ice dance test.

Skaters will be grouped by level.

Mondays 5:40-6:25

20 minute clinic + 25 minute practice


$15 a lesson

(Payment collected each Monday)


Club Ice Time Prices Apply

Brad Cox, Coordinator/Coach 

Power Stroking Class

This class is offered to any club member who wishes to   enhance their speed, control, and strength on the ice. This class is only open to skaters in freestyle 1/pre-preliminary and up. 



7:00 am - 7:30 am


January - March

8 sessions 


(See YFSC Calendar for dates)

This class is currently unavailable.  We will update members when it does. 
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