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Thanksgiving Pie Night

Held annually the day after Thanksgiving. The YFSC provides  a pie night at Club Time for all its members.  Members get to socialize and have fun while they practice.    

E. J. Murray’s Holiday Show

Held annually in December the YFSC takes part in  Murray’s Holiday Ice Show.  The girls perform group numbers as well as solos.


YFSC Charity Exhibition

Held annually in March, the YFSC holds a charity exhibition each year.  Members vote for a charity and donate to it in order to be part of the exhibition. It is also the night we celebrate our seniors who are graduating high school. 

E. J. Murray’s Spring Show

Held annually in April, YFSC members who are in the “Learn to Skate Program” at Murray’s take part in the show.  They perform solos as well as group numbers.


After Season Activities

The YFSC coordinates after season activities for its members to get together and socialize.  Our members get to have some fun and stay in touch with eachother through the summer. 

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